COMPANY AND TREND HIGHLIGHTS M2 Insight's Wanda Meloni and Jon Peddie from Jon Peddie Research provide highlights on the speaker presentations and discuss trends and what we can expect in real-time ray tracing.

Adshir Slides

REAL-TIME RAY TRACING FOR MOBILE DEVICES The evolution of ray tracing from the academic idea for offline production in the film industry, through to a real-time software solution for gaming. 

Adobe Slides

HIGH PERFORMANCE RAY TRACING FOR 3D DIGITAL CONTENT CREATION The typical use of ray tracing in Adobe products from geometric property estimations to final high quality rendering, and interesting scientific challenges which are being addressed.

Jon Peddie Research Slides

REAL-TIME RAY TRACING IS HERE The developments of real-time ray tracing, the fundamental technology challenges, their solutions by leading ray tracing vendors and the benefits they bring to game development.

Khronos Slides

THE EVOLUTING LANDSCAPE OF KHRONOS OPEN STANDARDS FOR REAL-TIME RAY TRACING The latest updates on bringing ray tracing capabilities to the Vulkan GPU API – and introduction of the new ANARI API which will make portable ray traced rendering accessible to the scientific visualization community.

Nvidia Slides

REAL-TIME RAY TRACING IN GAMES The benefits and advantages real-time ray tracing brings to games and game development, how to get started and where to find the resources you’ll need to transform your games and production pipeline for ray tracing.

SiliconArts Slides

RAY TRACING FOR GAMING USING HYBRID GPU ARCHITECTURES How ray tracing graphics adoption will expand to support a wider set of gaming platforms in the future beyond those seeing adoption in the gaming market today.

The Forge Slides

THE FORGE – BENCHMARKING RAY TRACING PERFORMANCE ON WINDOWS AND LINUX Introduction of an open-source rendering framework and details on how cross-platform ray-tracing with Windows, Linux and macOS/iOS can be implemented.