Ray Tracing Benchmarking Brings New Level of Detail to Boundary’s Space Combat

Chinese Independent developer, Surgical Scalpels today revealed how they are harnessing the power of real-time ray tracing for its near-future multiplayer shooter Boundary with its Ray Tracing Benchmark.

With the team’s aspirations to provide the best in-game resolution and visual perception in an environment where physics, lighting and surface reflections require different texture effects, developer Surgical Scalpels has embraced the power of real-time ray tracing to bring a more ‘visual edge’ to the game.

“The Ray Tracing benchmarking is important for Boundary, as a team we’ve always strived to bring a level of real world realism that takes Boundary to a whole new level.” Said Frank Mingbo Li, Technical Director at Surgical Scalpels. “Real-time global illumination is the prominent ray tracing feature of the benchmark,with these visual technologies we can definitely go further beyond our current graphic state, allowing us to be more realistic and more precise”. He added.

Watch Boundary: Raytracing Benchmark Trailer!

Boundary’s realistic space environments feature complex space structures and orbiting facilities for players to navigate around, some of which utilize large reflective surfaces such as solar panels and glass. The benchmark facilitates ray traced reflections on opaque and translucent surfaces. Boundary’s ray tracing benchmark improves real-time, cinematic-quality rendering, further enhancing things like shadows and ambient occlusion which dictates how both direct and indirect light react with different surfaces and textures from astro-operators space suits to a highly reflective solar panel or helmet visor.

Boundary was previously one of the winners of the DXR Spotlight contest in China which saw several developers compete in building tech demos in Unreal Engine 4.22 featuring Microsoft DirectX 12 and DirectX Raytracing.

Boundary is due to launch on PC and PlayStation with a date to be officially announced.

For more information on Boundary for PC check out the games Steam page here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1364020/__BOUNDARY/ 

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